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Dirty Diesel

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Storage Degradation


Long term storage of Bio-diesel can be extremely problematic.  When moisture get’s inside the fuel tank, bio-diesel will degrade much more rapidly than petroleum based fuels.  Bio-diesel can absorb water up to 1,500 parts/million, contaminating the fuel.  When storing fuel for more than a few months, microbial degradation occurs create sludge, indicating the diesel is becoming unstable.  When the engine tries to burn the sludge it doesn't combust as well as fresh healthy fuel and if there is severe sludge build-up, the engine may fail to start.

GreenOil Has The Solution


GreenOil will come to your business and ANALYZE the quality of the diesel in your tank in a matter of minutes. Giving you peace of mind and reassurance that you will fire-up with clean fuel...or if moisture and sludge are present, we can  CLEAN it on-site in just a few hours. 

Develop a proactive, preventative maintenance plan and schedule GreenOil to test your fuel monthly. Either by sending us a sample using our easy test kits or arrange for us to come to you  

Reduce Your Footprint

Reduce Your Footprint

Large backup generator tanks can easily hold 1000's of gallons of fuel.  If this fuel breaks down, the cost to replace it as well as the cost to the Environment is huge.  Not to mention the cost of human lives, should backup power not be available at Hospitals or Airports. Marine vessels with large holding tanks are also at risk of carrying degraded fuel that can become a huge problem when miles off shore.

Fortunately, there is a GREEN alternative, allowing you to maintain clean fuel, knowing it will not fail you when needed.