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Diesel cleaning a 400 Lt Fishing Boat

A boat located in Country Harbour, NS tested positive for water and medium-high for microbes.  Customer was plugging his fuel filter and replacing it every couple of days ($100's/week).  We "shocked" his fuel with Fuel Right and let it break down the sludge for 24 hrs.  We returned and hooked our Diesel Polishing unit to his tank and ran it for 2 hours.  We retested his diesel and the results showed no water and no microbes.  Price = no travel charge because he was less than 1 hr from us, $240.00  for cleaning + $45 for treatment =   $295.00.  Which is about the cost of 3 fuel filters


Hydraulic Oil cleaning a 500 Lt Industrial Machine tank

A local sawmill was having frequent shut-downs on one of its re-saw machines.  It was constantly blowing seals and losing oil. We ran a sample through our computer analyzer and the ISO code was off the charts.  The oil was just starting to become milky.  We hooked our hydraulic oil filter/dehydration unit to his tank and filtered it for about 2 hours. We then had him run the machine for a few minutes to get the dirty oil out of the lines and filtered it again for 1/2 hr. We re-tested a sample and the ISO code numbers were better than we tested on new oil.  Price = no travel charge because he was less than 1 hr away, $750 ($1.50/Lt) for cleaning + $100 for shop supplies = $850.00.  The cost to replace the oil would have been around $1200.00 + labour + disposal fees



As the exclusive Atlantic Canadian Dealer for Dieselcraft products, we can provide pricing and details on everything they offer  Please see sample pricing below or click the link below to visit their page for more product options.  

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